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15 Me-Time Must Haves

Keeping up with work, school, housework, family and friends can get exhausting. It’s important to set time aside for yourself each week by relaxing and doing things you love to do. I have curated 15 of my personal favorite Me-Time Must Haves to help you unwind and feel peaceful. Comment below to share some of your favorite me-time escapes.

1. Candles

Candles can set the tone for peace and tranquility throughout your home.


2. Bubble Bath

Take a long hot bubble bath and put a couple drops of your favorite Essential oil (mine is lavender) to add an extra calming affect.


3. Face Masks

Face masks are a must for me during me-time. Apply an all natural face mask for smooth, radiant skin.


4. Get a massage

Hitting the spa and getting a massage is one of my favorite pastimes. Most of them I get inexpensively on Groupon for about $20-$60.


5.Indulge in your favorite Snack

Now for me, it’s Ice-Cream! I like to enjoy my ice-cream cone on my balcony, book in hand soaking up the sun.


6. Get a Manicure or Pedicure

Go down to your favorite nail spa and treat yourself. Or if you’re running low on funds, give yourself a mani-pedi.


7. Read a Book

I love to relax on my balcony while reading a good book. Reading has become one of my great escapes.


8. Meditate

Take time to pray and meditate, taking away all negativity and focusing on positivity.


9. Gardening

Plant your favorite flowers, herbs or veggies.


10. Keep a journal

Write about the week you’ve had or jot down some ideas for yourself. This can help release any pent up negativity.


11. Watch a movie

My favorite movie of all time is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I like to curl up in bed and watch it until I eventually fall asleep.


12. Turn off your phone

Sometimes the world can get overwhelming. It’s okay to turn off your phone and gather your thoughts.


13. Read a magazine

Catch up on the latest style treads, cooking recipes and more with your favorite magazines.


14. Take a walk

Grab a bottle of water and take a stroll through your neighborhood. The fresh air will help you relax.


15. Take a nap.

Enough said. Sleep is the cure for everything and you’ll always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another day.


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