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My Haircare Routine: How I grew 5 Inches Of Hair In 6 Months

I get a lot of questions and write ins about how I grew over 5 inches of my own hair in 6 months. I used to be so frustrated with my hair. I didn’t like my curl pattern so I would constantly put heat to it to straighten it. My hair became damaged, dry and stiff in a short amount of time. I had to learn how to love myself which included loving and taking care of my natural hair. Once I started this journey I began to see results in less than 30 days. When I started to see my natural curl pattern returning and the insane hair growth I was hooked. My hair started out right at my collar bone. Now my hair is down to the middle of my back. You can have healthy hair, all it takes is a little tender loving care.

1. Avoid Heat

Frequent use of heat styling tools can create split ends, dryness, breakage and alteration of your natural curl pattern.

2. Eat Healthy

Eat a well balanced diet not just for hair growth, but for the overall health of your entire body. A well balanced diet filled with fruits, veggies and protein can promote healthy hair growth. Remember it starts from the inside.

3. Deep Condition once a week

I like to use the LOC Method (leave-in, oil, cream) when deep conditioning. Apply a leave-in conditioner to cleansed hair. Then apply a thin layer of oil to help lock in moisture. Finally, apply a butter based moisturizer to seal moisture in.

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4. Drink tons of water

Water should become your best friend. It not only promotes healthy hair growth it also leaves you feeling good from the inside out. Water is also great for healthy glowing skin.

5. Massage scalp with natural oils

I like to do this once every two weeks when shampooing. I recommend coconut oil and castor oil for this process.

6. Use Sulfate-Free shampoos and conditioners

Ever wonder why your hair feels brittle, dry and stripped after shampooing? The cause is a chemical called sulfate, AKA, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), or Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (ALS). The sulfate in shampoo’s basic job is to clean out dirt, product buildup. The natural hair oils and proteins that comes from inside your hair and scalp isn’t supposed to be washed out, but products with sulfate in it, washes all the good stuff out along with the bad. Use sulfate-free products sand keep your hair’s natural oils. I recommend using Shea Butter’s curl and shine shampoo.

7. Do protective styles

Implement styles that do not require daily heat such as buns, braids, and twists. If you decide to install a weave make sure you include a closure to help prevent breakage. This will give your hair time to grow and become healthy. Using access heat can have a negative affect on the growth process.

6. Be Patient!

It takes time to grow your hair learn how to be patient and consistent. It only took 30 days for my hair to grow 1 inch using this hair regimen. Take a look at my before and after picture below.


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