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Self-Care Night Routine

Taking the time to reflect on the day you’ve had, plan for the day ahead, relax and recharge before going to bed has made a significant difference in my ability to wind down and sleep peacefully. After spending the day working, attending school, and then coming straight home to cook and clean all I want is to find myself relaxing and allowing myself to unwind. After many sleepless nights, I had to take time to dissect the problems with my evening routine. I found that I was leaving the most important task undone, taking care of ME. I now understand the value of a healthy work/life balance and I want help others understand it as well.

Reflect on Your Day

Your daily reflection doesn’t have to take long, but it will make a significant difference in your ability to clear your mind and prepare for the next day. Journaling is another great way to release and reflect on your day.
Below is a copy of the Daily Reflection Printable I created that helps me organize my day and night. You can download yours for FREE below by tapping on the document.

Remove Technology

After my daily reflection I like to remove all technology. My phone goes on the charger and I take the time to focus on my mind, body and soul. Some of my favorite activities include drawing a hot bath with my favorite soothing scents incorporated, reading my favorite book, lighting candles or low lighting, my daily skincare routine, centering in prayer, and spending quality time with my boyfriend. I find that by following these steps, I can now have a peaceful night sleep.

I know life happens, but I promise if you remain consistent and intentional about caring for yourself, you’ll be so much happier and a better you.


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