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Self-Care Morning Routine

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Mornings can be rough but they don’t have to be. The way you start your morning can determine what type of day you’ll have. Waking up groggy and unmotivated can put a negative energy on your day before it even starts. Try something new by setting a morning routine for yourself and start your days off the right way.

1. Wake up earlier

Setting your alarm as little as 10 minutes earlier can make an enormous difference to your day. Waking up earlier means you won’t have to rush, reducing stress and introducing calm.

2. Drink water

Your body just went 8 hours without water, so it needs rehydration. Keep a glass of cool water by your bedside at night for easy access in the morning. Water can also wake your body up, leaving you feeling energized and ready to start your day. You can add a lemon for extra taste.

3. Get ready

It’s always nice to have an unhurried shower in the morning. Try a cold/warm shower- a few minutes with each can give you the extra boost of energy if you’re feeling sluggish. Afterwards, do some early morning pampering. Using your favorite scents or spending a little more time on your hair can bring forth positive energy towards your day.

4. Eat breakfast

For me, skipping breakfast is always tempting but then I remember that I’ll be starving by mid-morning. Keep control of your morning and be sure to grab something, anything before walking out the door.

5. Set one goal for the day

Think about what you would like to accomplish for the day and set a goal. This can help you get focused, energized and ready to start your day. Throughout your day go back to the goal you set for yourself and get it done. At the end of the day you’ll have a feeling of accomplishment.



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