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Most Effective Way To Organize Your Closet

Moving into a new home can be stressful but organizing your closet doesn’t have to be. It’s all about efficiency at the end of the day. Below are some tips and strategies I used to organize my closet and keep it organized throughout the year. So Let’s get started <3

Step 1. PURGE

I did a major purge before organizing ever began. I started by donating all of my old clothes, shoes and jewelry items. Luckily I was able to convince my boyfriend to do the same (Thanks babe). Items that haven’t been worn in over a year along with items that don’t fit should go. The most important thing is don’t look back. It can be hard to part with clothing especially if they carry memories. Remember that you’re doing this for a greater cause. Why let it take up space when it could potentially help someone in need? Purging will give you tons of space and make the organizing process easier.

Step 2. Start Hanging

After purging I started to hang our clothing in the largest portion of the closet. If you’re like me then you’re all about color schemes and balance. I recommend using the same type of hangers in your closet for a sleek, clean, minimal look. I even went as far as organizing my clothing by color, it just helps me find outfits faster. Also, clothes are arranged sleeveless to long-sleeved, left to right. You don’t have to take it this far, it’s just something I prefer. This organization method has made my mornings so much nicer. Having a well organized closet can improve your mood in the morning and get you pumped for the day.

Wooden Hangers- HERE


Shop Walgreens Online

Shop shelving at

If you already have built-in shelves in your closet then you’re ahead of the game and I’m jealous. If not, then you’re like me and you have to purchase them. No worries, I’ve done the research for you and I will supply the link for the hanging shelves and dividers. I love having open shelving for sweaters and other clothing items that don’t do well on a hanger. If you have a long top shelf then you can use the dividers to keep clothing neat and in place. You can also use the shelving to organize shoes.

Hanging shelves- HERE

Dividers- HERE


If you don’t have a dresser, baskets can be a good pace for those items that don’t have a home such as socks or undies. Never put your hats & scarfs in baskets, trust me you’ll forget that it’s there. Instead, get hooks and place them vertically on your wall. You can also do the same to hang a jewelry organizer. If you’re closet it big enough, you can even add a jewelry armoire. Your closet should be your escape and organizing it doesn’t have to be a long and dreary process. Take your time, play some music, invite a girlfriend over to help and have Fun!

Hooks- HERE 

Baskets- HERE

Jewelry organizer- HERE

Armoire – HERE

THAT’S IT! 4 easy steps to organizing your closet and making your life easier.

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  • Chanelle R Davis

    Great ideas… Purging seems to be the hardest for me but my rule if thumb is; if I have not worn it in the season that it belongs to; it’s time for it to go….

    Rating: 5

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