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Atlanta’s Top 5 Brunch Locations

This post is ALL about food so I’d suggest eating before reading as to not torture yourself. You’ve been warned. All settled? Good, let’s get started!

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Atlanta’s food scene has changed my life. I didn’t realize how bad I was eating until I decided to move here 3 months ago. Now, all I want to do is experience all things new. So far I’ve been able to travel throughout  Atlanta exploring some of its restaurants, shops, and attractions and im very impressed. So impressed, that I decided to share my Top 5 Brunch list for you all to enjoy and explore. So here we go!

1. Murphy’s Restaurant Bakery & Wine Shop

With over 35 years in business, Murphy’s is one of Atlanta’s long-standing hub of neighborhood camaraderie and the choice destination for visitors seeking the best of the district’s dining and nightlife. It is located in Virginia Highland and is known for their combination of upscale comfort food, gracious service, a cozy setting, and excellent value.

2. Local Three Kitchen & Bar

Founded in 2008 by Chris Hall, Todd Mussman and Ryan Turner, Local Three quickly became one of Atlanta’s most prominent brunch locations. Local Three’s “Foie Gras in Flip Flops” approach to food, wine, and beer has been embraced by locals and foodies across the metro area.

3. Atlanta Breakfast Club

Breakfast with a southern twist. Atlanta Breakfast Club is one of Atlanta’s pioneers of great food, company and hospitality. The atmosphere is impeccable and the food will remind you of your favorite childhood memories.

4. Park 75 at the Four Seasons

From the traditional to the modern, breakfast and brunch dishes come alive at Park 75 Restaurant. Enjoy the freshest seasonal ingredients in specialties such as the Brioche French Toast, Red Velvet Pancakes, Egg White Frittata and more.

5. Ration and Dram

Ration + Dram is your fun, local bar where you can meet some friends, enjoy great food, watch a ballgame, or just hang out on one of Atlanta’s most inviting patios.

Leave a comment below if you have visited or plan to visit one of these locations!


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  • Chanelle R Davis

    Love it! I work in the Atlanta Metro Area and rarely venture out during normal business hrs. Definitely going to try all of these places. I am such a foody…

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